Look at me im just a moving text


1MP0R714N7 - It been awhile

The official original character in 2019

My logo made in 2016

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The internet is full of lost media, or real life things idk

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Sept 27. 2018:I just add a really cool virtual cat, His name is john.

Dec 10. 2018:2018 is comming to end soon

Jan 3. 2019:2018 is finally dead, thanks to 2019 for killing the worst year ever

Feb 5. 2019:Sorry for not being active cuz my hard disk when broken for no reason

Feb 27. 2019:Add lines things

March 2. 2019:1.000 VIEWS!! THATS A THICC NUMBER RIGHT THERE, but anyway thanks for your support i'm really happy that my website is full of things (Not really), but it currently work in progress and i want to learn HTML5 or CSS to make my website better like 2001 or 2008. Thank you for your support ^_^

April 30. 2019:Subscribe to pewdiepie page haz been removed