Cool links

Here are the collection of website that is TOO FUCKING EXTRIME.

An unknown game about exploring the abandon building filled with grifftins that came to life-99 rooms

Parody of wikipedia but 10x better than encyclopedia dramatica, the wikia version KILLED THE ENTIRE LAYOUT- (The wikia version has been closed down and they moved into the monobook version, IT A MIRICLE)-Uncyclopedia (original version)-- Non-wikia version Uncyclopedia (Different version)

This website dedicated to all adverts from the past-BannerBlog

Amazing work from the past by visualdata-Visualdata

This website allows you to control objects like lamps and put message on the LED screen. This website is 100% REAL (no joke)-Drivemeinsane

The most underrated review site of all time-Jayisgames

Winamp on your web (you can add song too)-webamp--or get some skin-winamp skins